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Format: Feature

Genre: Romantic Comedy/ LGBT/ Holiday

Status: In development

When a gay couple announces they're getting a divorce, their two best friends—a lesbian couple —insist they get a chance to talk them out of it. But a chain of unexpected events over the course of the night forces the two couples to question almost everything about themselves and their relationships

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Bitter novelist

Flighty actor

Driven sports agent

Outdoorsy beekeeper





One week before Christmas, two gay couples meet for a nice dinner out: Brad, a bitter novelist; Alex, a flighty actor; Gina, a driven sports agent; and Jo, an outdoorsy bee-keeper.

Brad and Alex calmly announce they're getting a divorce. But they assure Gina and Jo that it won't affect the foursome — that they'll all stay the best friends they’ve always been.

Shocked and angry, Jo flees the restaurant. Later, she insists that she and Gina be given a chance to make the case that Brad and Alex should stay together, and the men reluctantly agree.

Over the next few hours, Brad and Alex reveal how unhappy they've been, mostly as a result of their careers in the arts.

The two couples also try to get some dinner, but every time they find a new restaurant, they're interrupted:.  First, by Colin, Brad's literary nemesis, then later, by Alex's judgmental sister.

After the first encounter, Alex expertly consoles Brad. After the second encounter, Brad does the same to Alex.

At the same time, Gina keeps running into Wade, a famous baseball player and an important new client. This leads to a series of awkward misunderstandings: Gina assumes, for example, that Wade wants her help in faking a drug test. Jo does her best to assist Gina, but Wade still ends up firing her.

The night seems like a total disaster until Gina points out the obvious: Brad and Alex might be individually unhappy, but they make a great couple and have been supporting each other all night long.

In the end, Brad and Alex agree to stay together. They also agree that since the four of them have stayed up this late already, they should stay up all night. “After all,” Alex says, “it’s Christmas!”

Brad rolls his eyes. “What does that have to do with anything?”

But shortly thereafter, the two couples bump into Carmen, a beautiful and very successful colleague with whom Gina once secretly had an affair. Jo realizes the truth.

Suddenly, Jo announces that now she wants a divorce — partly because of the affair, but mostly because she was so impressed by Brad and Alex's supportive relationship earlier in the evening. Jo doesn't think she and Gina have that.

Brad and Alex argue for same chance they gave Jo and Gina: to try to talk them into staying together.

But this time, things seem much more serious. The four friends have a terrible fight, and all their dirty laundry is aired.

In the end, all four go their separate ways — and no one has still had anything to eat!

Brad and Alex reconcile and track down Jo, pointing out all the ways the two women have supported each other all night long too.

But Jo is convinced Gina secretly wants a more glamorous life.

Sure enough, across town, Carmen tempts Gina with a life of glamour and excitement.

But Gina recognizes that Carmen’s life is ultimately empty.

She returns to the others, and she and Jo have a passionate reconciliation.

Later, at breakfast at a beautiful restaurant lavishly decorated for the holidays, the two couples finally get a chance to eat.

And they all agree that the previous evening had nothing — and everything — to do with Christmas.


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BRENT HARTINGER is a screenwriter and novelist.  He has been nominated for a Edgar Award and won Lambda and GLAAD Awards.  



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