Media Sparks is a boutique production company making feature films, series, documentaries and digital entertainment.  

We look for innovative ways to bring new stories to life through unique co-production arrangements, inventive packaging and an approach to discovering new IP that unearths the hidden gems not found through traditional avenues. We have a relentless focus on discovering new voices - from tapping into emerging writers and directors to tapping unseen unscripted talent and docuseries concepts.  We take a unique approach to packaging that marries the emerging with the established, pairing what’s fresh with what works.



Stacey Parks has overseen and/or been involved in independent film and television financing, production, and distribution for over 15 years as a sales agent, consultant, producer, and executive producer. She began her career at the William Morris Agency where she spent part of her tenure in the indie film packaging and financing department, as well as feature film lit, talent, and music.  Stacey followed that up with a career in distribution and international sales working for such companies as Icon and BBC Worldwide, until transitioning to producing and exec producing full time. Since then she’s been involved in the development, production, and distribution of several feature films, broadcast, and digital series.  Her most recent credits include serving as Producer of the feature film “Miss Virginia” (2019) starring Uzo Aduba, the 32-part Bravo Digital Original "The Upgrade," where she served as Creator and Executive Producer and as Creator and Executive Producer of the pilot for docuseries "The Big Sip", produced in partnership with The Mediapro Studio.


Jennifer Scully is a TV and Digital Media Producer with 15 years experience working across film, television and digital media.  She’s the Creator, Executive Producer and Director of the 32-part Bravo Digital Original "The Upgrade" and is Creator and Executive Producer of the docuseries, "The Big Sip", with the recently completed pilot produced in partnership with The MediaPro Studio.